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[10 Million] Cryptocurrency Email List, Bitcoin Users Email List, Cryptocurrency Investor Lead

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Bitcoin users email list , Cryptocurrency investor leads Cryptocurrency traders email leads , the 100% highly targeted leads.

NOTE: These are not some opted random  targeted emails, these are 100% leads of the actual people that who use and trade the crypto currencies like Bitcoin  , Ripple , Ethereum,, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano , Litecoin , IOTA , NEM , Stellar , Dash , Monero, NEO , EOS , Bitcoin Gold ,  Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Stratis, Populous,Dogecoin etc..

The data is the combination of popular crypto websites databases aka cryptocurrency, bitcoin forums, exchanges and ICO’s, and fyi yes Satoshi Nakamoto email address (the original creator of the bitcoin) was also present in the list.

You can check some samples here :

You will get more then 9 million list in this with the details like Name, Email,Mobile No, and the some with details like Amount of BTC, LTC, Bash, ETH owned, and the rest was with details of actual name or username with emails.

Leads Name: Cryptocurrency Email List, Bitcoin Users Email List, Cryptocurrency Investor Leads
No Of Leads: 10 Million Leads
Leads Type: Here what you will get Exactly :

  • 10 Million + cryptocurrency users Name & Email Details
Leads Category: Targeted Email List Database
Updated Date: October 2022
File Formats:
.csv, .Xlsx etc. spreadsheet format
Who Should Buy:  Companies, ICO, Products Who Want To Target The Cryptocurrency Users.
Delivery Time: Instant Download
Source of Leads: All the mailing lists, sales leads that are available in our database follow the CAN-SPAM act and is entirely legal. All the mailing lists on our website have been collected from the users legally from various sources like newsletter subscriptions, phone calls, optin web forums, online and offline surveys, multiple events and trade shows. And You can run all your marketing campaigns using our mailing lists as long as you completely obey the CAN-SPAM act and promoting the legal products.

And You can find more details about the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 from Wikipedia:


All our sales leads, mailing lists have been collected legally. So you can run a successful bulk email campaign using our email lists only by following your country based rules

Cryptocurrency email list is required when you want your digital coin to reach the right investors. Cryptocurrency email leads for marketing is very important for making a digital coin become a brand coin. When you buy an email list you get access to various important emails through which you can promote your coin. When you start marketing email marketing campaign you need to have subscription list that is highly targeted. cryptocurrency email leads for marketing has a very important role when you have a marketing strategy. Cryptocurrency email list will be the cheapest advertising platform through which you can reach and bring more sales. Cryptocurrency is currently the trending industry in the online internet world. So if you are planning to bring out your digital coin, you need to have an email marketing strategy also in your marketing plan. You can buy this email marketing subscription list. To buy cryptocurrency email list for marketing you should trust only a trusted website.

Buying an email list is always a challenging task if you have no idea who is the best seller. Today on the Internet, everyone will be displaying that they are having the best and the cheapest email list. But when you buy an email list like cryptocurrency email leads for marketing you need to be more conscious. Let’s nd out what are the things that you need to look before buying any cryptocurrency email list.

Your cryptocurrency email list should be well processed. The cryptocurrency email leads for marketing should be CRM friendly. Any cryptocurrency email list that you buy must follow can-spam rules. Whenever you buy any cryptocurrency email leads for marketing, you should take the report of any email marketing campaign taken under that subscription list.

The deliverability of that email list for cryptocurrency email leads for marketing must be very high.

Once you identify these important points about any cryptocurrency email list. You should not find these characteristics from any of the email list seller.

When you buy any of the email leads, you either make a conversion or the email goes into the trash list if that email database has quality. Cryptocurrency email leads for marketing is very important because

It helps you source your digital coin to the right investors. It reduces your cost of marketing. It creates a brand impression among all the customers. It brings down more footfall into your Marketplace. Your cost-per-conversion reduce. Your brand value increases and hence you see your ranking improved in all search engines. Cryptocurrency email leads for marketing can bring down more revenue to your company. Cryptocurrency email list if run properly in your email marketing can help you bring more business to business customers. All cryptocurrency email list with an active user can help you create a community just via email that will trust you more than any other cryptocurrency market.

So in short, buying a cryptocurrency email list is very important. If you want to buy cryptocurrency email leads for marketing, never think about giving a second try. just go and buy.

When you buy a cryptocurrency email list you must check that it is well processed. A well- processed email list is easy to use and integrated with your CRM. First, you need to buy a cryptocurrency email leads for marketing. When you purchase your rst cryptocurrency email list you should quickly link it with your CRM. Now what to do next You can now easily add email from cryptocurrency email leads for marketing into your email marketing tool for example MailChimp. Let’s take out the whole process one by one.

Creative subscription list Add all people to the list. Create your campaign with the name. Decide the subject of your email that can bring more CTR. Decide your sending email address.

Once you are done with all these things, design your template for the email. Create a professional graphic for your email.

Talk about your product and prices. In case of digital coin talk about your coin. Now you can easily Run your email marketing campaign using the cryptocurrency email list. Your cryptocurrency email leads for marketing will reach the target audience. Have an observation over the entire sent emails through the report generated in your email marketing tool. Check how many emails reached, how many emails Where are read, how many links where clicked etc. Keep a momentum of your email in this email marketing campaign. Keep sending more email to those people who opened your previous email. Reduce the momentum of this email so that your viewers do not unsubscribe from your list.

Through your cryptocurrency email list, you can hence generator footfall over your platform. This cryptocurrency email leads for marketing will help you make your coin reached to the investor and hence you can grow the coin value. Follow these steps for your cryptocurrency email list and once you make a good number of conversion you can nd how e cient these email marketing campaigns are.

Are you having a nice you that you want to promote? Do you have an investment budget very low? There can be many challenges when we are looking for ICO promotion. One of the biggest challenges in ICU promotion is the advertising cost. Since there are the big boys sitting over there promoting about ICO so, the cost for advertising in ICO industry is very high. When you have a limited budget and still you want to make your ICO reached the right investors, the best way to opt is to use an email marketing campaign. Email marketing is one of the cheapest modes of advertising. If you have got a cryptocurrency email list and you have a strategy of email marketing then you can make a good number for your digital coin or ICO. As we already discussed above how to use cryptocurrency email list for your promotion, you need to follow all the step to make your ICO reached the right investors. Add all your cryptocurrency email list emails into your subscription list and start running the promotional email to the investors and bring out the value you dreamt of for your ICO.

Cryptocurrency email leads for marketing Is very important if you are looking for your ICO promotion. Once you have an email marketing strategy using your cryptocurrency email list you can scale your ICO value. But how?

Well, we are going to talk about this in this article column. Assume you have an ICO and you want to talk about it to the investors who are interested

in buying your ICO. So what you will do? You will try to take your ICO to the right investors. Now your investors are sitting online, so how will you reach them. Well, the only source is through the internet so here what you need to do is, where there is the investor, take your coin to that place. in this case, you need to have cryptocurrency email list in your marketing campaign. You need to run your email marketing campaign and in this way, you need to send email to these people every day or at a certain frequency so that they can read about your ICO. Once the investor receives your emails at a certain frequency and you create an impression about your ICO in their minds, your campaign becomes successful. Now the investors will start buying your coin. These investors will start buying and exchanging your coin with each other. So, ultimately if the demand goes high your coin values will obviously go high. Throughout this process, ultimately the winning Hero was the email marketing campaign where you use your cryptocurrency email list. The cryptocurrency email leads for marketing that you used were the main cause for scaling your coin value.

Cryptocurrency industry is killing the market. You will have to act like a killer to make your brand name in the ICO industry. If you got an ICO, you need to have a cryptocurrency email list. All the cryptocurrency email leads that you will be having will make a number that you will never forget. Believe in advertising, belief in email marketing, buy a cryptocurrency email list, get some cryptocurrency email leads for marketing and make your ICO value high.

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